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Author: Mamang Teja
Title: Pretty Hard Cases Season 2 Episode 1

In the new IMDb TV original, Pretty Hard Cases, the unlikely buddy cop duo of Samantha Wazowski (MacNeill) and Kelly Duff (Moore) join forces to solve crimes and bust criminals.

While their styles may differ, Samantha Wazowski and Duff have the skills to get the job done, and their unlikely friendship may be exactly what they both need to help them find balance on and off the job.

About Pretty Hard Cases:

In the vein of buddy-cop series like Psych, Chuck and Lethal Weapon, Pretty Hard Cases pairs two mismatched but effective cops Samantha Wazowski (MacNeill) and Kelly Duff (Moore) to solve crimes and bust criminals. Guns and Gangs detective Samantha Wazowski is an uptight and by-the-book cop.

She is a single mother with a disastrous personal life, she plays by the rules and is optimistic and overachieving. Drug Squad detective Kelly Duff is a streetwise narcotics detective. Defensive and closed-off, Duff is tough and unapologetic.

Her approach to the job is much more flexible then Wazowski, consulting her gut more than the rule book. Each week they must work together to crack a different case, all the while trying to bring down the city’s main organized crime gang.