The upcoming episode is titled ‘The Dying of the Light.’

In the penultimate episode, we can expect Clarke and Octavia to pull out all stops to liberate Madi from the evil clutches of Sheidheda and Shepherd.

While Clarke might leave for Bardo to bring back her daughter, the Disciples might try to use the moment to their advantage and proceed to fight for whatever they want.

The gang might have to keep their guards up at all times, as the last war looms in the background. Meanwhile, at Bardo, Madi might cave in to Shepherd’s demands and agree to get her memories scanned.

Although Shepherd might assure her that doing so would save her friends, we all know how good Bill Cadogan is at keeping his promise.

On the other hand, there is also a chance that we might come across another death. At this point, is it even surprising that we can lose some of the major characters, whom we have all come to love? Episode 14 ends with Murphy and Emori getting trapped in the rubble of the collapsed ceiling.

While Emori might wail with pain upon being gravely wounded, we can be sure that Murphy might do everything in his capacity to save her. After all this time, it would be a shame if the creators decide to kill off Murphy, one of the most well-written and executed characters in the show.

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