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ClamAV Detected Virus: vulnerability WordPress File Manager plug

Critical zero-day vulnerability fixed in WordPress File Manager (700,000+ installations). The popular WordPress File Manager plugin (700,000+ installations) fixed a critical zero-day vulnerability affecting version 6.8 and below. The vulnerability allows an unauthenticated user to run the file manager commands by directly accessing an unprotected file from its elFinder package: Here’s a sample log we...

Eja Suteja
Hallo Gaes, Kenalin Nama Saya Suteja, Saya Kelahiran Kuningan Sekarang Domisili di Cirebon. Saya Berselancar Bebas Sambil Mencari Harta Karun, Kebetulan Saya Sangat Menyukai Dunia Sosialmedia untuk Mencari Pundi Pundi, Saya Berpengalaman hampir dari 2010.

Plugin Text to Voice menggunakan api dari google translator, fungsinya untuk merubah text menjadi suara atau voice. Plugin ini bisa digunakan untuk membuat video youtube tanpa bermodalkan kamera, dengan menggabungkan gambar2 dan menyatukanya dengan voice tanpa harus kita membacanya sendiri.

Silakan pencet tombol play “baca artikel” untuk mencobanya.

Start now improving your user engagement, accessibility, and audience growth

We’re a group of avid readers and podcast listeners who realized that sometimes it’s difficult to read up on our favorite blogs, news media and articles online when we’re busy commuting, working, driving, doing chores, and having our eyes and hands busy.

And so we asked ourselves: wouldn’t it be great if we can listen to these websites like a podcast, instead of reading? The next question also came up: how do people with learning disabilities and visual impairment are able to process information that are online in text?

Thus we created WebsiteVoice. The text-to-speech solution for bloggers and web content creators to allow their audience to tune in to their content for better user engagement, accessibility and growing more subscribers for their website.

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