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Author: Mamang Teja
Title: Loki Season 1 Episode 6 Promo Disney+

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Here’s our ‘PROMO TRAILER’ for Marvel Studios’ upcoming series LOKI (2021) EPISODE 6 (More Info About This Video Down Below!)

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Let us know what you think about it in the comments down below!The inspiration behind this video:

Loki was meant to fall in love with Sylvie from the beginning, Loki show writer Michael Waldron revealed. After their less-than-ideal introduction at the end of episode 2, the pair proceeded to spend much of episode 3 together. Instead of antagonizing each other, the pair decided on a truce and worked together to escape the doomed moon of Lamentis-1. During this time, they developed an unlikely alliance and bonded over their shared experiences as Loki variants.

That all set up the Asgardian Prince’s realization that he has feelings for Sylvie — but not without an honest talk with Mobius first. Amidst everything that happened in Loki episode 4, including the revelation that the Time-Keepers don’t exist, the outing’s end still teased the God of Mischief on the brink of confessing his attraction to his female variant. But before he could even start, Ravonna Renslayer — who appears to be the main villain of the show, pruned him. Later on, in the post-credits scene, it’s revealed that pruning doesn’t kill anyone; it merely transports them to another place, keeping the possibility alive that Loki and Sylvie can still reunite in the future.

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